David Alo (aka Dafidi) in ERE YA!  (Let’s play with each other)

David Alo of DEV, UEA, Norwich explores the use of Culture and Heritage as tools of Mediation and Development.  Highlife Juju music is a popular music genre in West Africa. It is popular among the various ethnic and religious groups and used variously in the wider social space as a tool of admiration, veneration, promotion of social values, praise-singing, conflict resolution and development. Join Oluseye ‘Dafidi’ Alo in ‘ERE YA’!

“Development is not synonymous with economic growth alone. It is a means to achieve a more satisfactory intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual existence. As such, development is inseparable from culture” – UNESCO

WAfriDEV Campaign / DEOMediaUK



David Alo – Lunch Time Titbits (Radio Audio Text Format) May, 2017 IB 24.05.2017

David Alo – Lunch Time Titbits (YouTube Video Text Format) April, IB 28.04.2017

David Alo: Lunch Time Titbits (Radio Audio Text Format) April, IB 28.04.2017

David Alo : Music In Our Changing World

David Alo:  I am a Videographer

May 6, 2015May 7, 2015



The Black Jacket is commonly sewn single breasted with two buttons in the front and two or three buttons on each of the sleeve end. The versatility of the Black Jacket for Men is outlined in different ways it can be utilized in various environments as pictured below. Lets have a look at five ways in which the Black Jacket is used for Men’s dressing.

1. Workplace Dressing

Mc Deo, Cambridge (David Alo)

Black Jacket is suitable for workplace dressing. Whatever profession or work you are engaged in, getting adequately dressed is a must. If you work indoor where health and safety allows for normal, standard dressing, then you can go for this pink/red-striped, long sleeve shirt with cream chinos straight trousers and black flat-soled pair of shoes from Marks & Spencer. It is bright and full of life. Nothing more will create an impression about your seriousness and readiness for business.

2. Travel


Imagine parking after a long journey and put the car in the park behind you? You are then stepping into the main building in style and comfort. Hang this Black Jacket in the car and wear it when you’re ready to walk inside. This Jacket matches the pink striped shirt with a cream or brown chinos trouser, a brown leather belt and brown deck  shoe. …with your key safely dropped in the pocket; it’s a happy journey and a good day ahead!

3. Leisure


Lotus Mag 1       DSC_4442

Having a stroll to the park to watch nature quietly, going from the office to the leisure park or a quick personal time at the playground,  meeting friends and clients at the bar? the light blue/brown  stripped shirt  or pink stripped shirt with the brown chinos trousers with brown belt and brown deck shoes from Marks and Spencer and the Black Jacket makes up for a lovely cool evening.

4. Cocktail Parties, Presentations, Interview sessions

DSC_4439              Lotus Mag 7

A pink/ red, white, blue or other matching colour shirt and trouser and flat-soled shoe to match will give you that relaxed,  but equally elegant and formal look. I like the Brogues shoe from Loakes when a highly formal outlook is needed, as shown in the second picture.  Keep an eye on the colour of your belt and shoes; ensuring they match and for that chic look, a brooch or jacket handkerchief is necessary if you are raising the bar for a stately engagement.

5. Family Picture Ops/Outing

Adenike Anniv 13

Create an elegant outlook by trying different matches of shirts and colour with the constant Black Jacket and and shoes to match. You won’t belief how well things matches up for a great day out with your family!

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